How to successfully choose your next travel destination

Are you sick and tired of vacations when you forget to organize half of the trip and you run out of time? If you plan ahead you will save a lot of money. We prepared five tips that will help you plan your trip. Just a hint before you start packing ... The Flight Deal, Secret Flying, Skyscanner and Momondo are our favorite sites/apps when booking flights. Now let’s continue with the basics.

Traveling with Travel planner


1. How much time do we have?

Time is of the essence, when it comes to travel. Is this going to be a weekend getaway or a two-week trip? Are you going in a spa nearby or on a crazy fun adventure? Don't travel too far if you don't have the time. Let’s be honest, you can't relax for two weeks and live an adventurous life for only a day. You have to plan your vacation so you won't need a vacation afterwards.

2. Who is going on a trip?

If it's just you then think about your priorities. Would you like to explore and see new things or have fun doing nothing? If you travel with your family or just your partner you have to make a compromise and find the best options for everyone included. Adjust. Some things are for the girls, other for boys. And remember, we all have different tastes, wishes and priorities.

3. What to wear?

... well that depends on where you travel. Some people enjoy winter fairytale, some enjoy summer breeze. Weather preference will help you narrow down possible travel destinations. But keep in mind that traveling high season is more expensive and more crowded, to say the least. So, if you want pictures with only yourself on them, it is a good idea travelling off season ...

Oh, and you will save some money too!

4. What is my budget?

You don't have to be rich to travel around the world, but you have to set your priorities straight when you determine your budget.

• Are you a backpack traveler?

• Are you a five star hotel traveler?

• Are you B&B or Airbnb traveler?

• Do you travel by bus, train, bike, car or a plane? Maybe with all the listed transport?

• If you are an adventurer maybe you'll also need some special equipment (diving gear, climbing ropes, etc.).

If you have the possibility to book an early flight, take it.

If you have the possibility to become a member of an airline or hotel loyalty program, take it.

If you have the possibility to use a student or senior discount, take it.

5. Find a destination

a) Instagram & Pinterest

60 million new photos are uploaded every single day on Instagram. It's fascinating how these two platforms help discover so many places that we didn't know existed, like Positano and Procida and many, many more. It's very easy to find places you want to discover. All you need to do is use the right keyword in the search engine, such as the name of the place or even better - you can just follow people that travel a lot. It's a whole new inspiring world to discover.

b) Books and blogs

It is maybe old-fashioned, but still one of the best ways to travel. A book will never let you down. The Lonely Planet collection is one of the best. These books will guide you from the best restaurants to famous cultural sites. Reading travel blogs from people that visited the places you are going to is always a good idea. That is how you get the experience even before you travel.

Do not forget to vaccinate, if you are travelling to exotic countries! And also ... be aware of pickpockets, they are everywhere.